How to Determine the Subject After Confirmation APDM In 2024

Determine the Subject After Confirmation of APDM. APDM is a big database containing information about Malaysian students. Parents and teachers use this tool to keep student info up to date.

APDM is also connected to other systems the Ministry of Finance developed, like SPS and SAPS. It’s one of the main tools the Ministry of Education Malaysia (KPM) made to handle student data.

APDM Subject Determination

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Determine the Subject After Confirmation APDM

  • Login: First, you must log in to APDM with a username and password. Only those who have an account can log in.
  • Check Confirmation Status: After logging into APDM, look for a section that indicates verification status and then click on it to check your verification status.
  • Find Subject Information: After clicking on the confirmation section, you must go to the subject or similar section to find details about your subject and access your information.
  • Review Confirmation Results: After accessing the subject information, you must confirm the subjects you are enrolled in or studying.
  • Contact Support if Needed: If you are still facing any problems, contact the IT support APDM administrator and tell them about your issue.
  • Save or Note Information: If your issue is resolved, save or note down the confirmed subject information for your records so you don’t forget it again.

You have been told how to access your subject information in the above point. If there is any problem, you have to talk to IT support to resolve it. Then, you have to save the subject information.


Finally, finding your subjects after confirming APDM is a simple process that only involves logging in, checking to see if you’ve been verified, and viewing subject information. By reviewing the proof results, you can ensure you are registered in the right classes.

If you encounter any problems during this process, you should seek help from IT support or the APDM supervisor. Remember to save or write down the approved subject information so you can use it again later. This will ensure that managing your subjects through the APDM tool goes smoothly and is well-organized.

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