How to Determine the Subject After Confirmation APDM In 2024


Determine the Subject After Confirmation of APDM. APDM is a big database containing information about Malaysian students. Parents and teachers use this tool to keep student info up to date. APDM is also connected to other systems the Ministry of Finance developed, like SPS and SAPS. It’s one of the main tools the Ministry of … Read more

How To Apply For APB Sports Scholarship (SBS) on APDM Portal

APB Sports Scholarship (SBS)

APDM portal APDM Portal, administered by Malaysia’s Ministry of Education (KPM), is a digital student information repository. It is a central hub for all information about Malaysian students including attendance records.  APDM, or the Advanced Student Data Management System, is the foundation of student data management. It provides educators and administrators with valuable insight into … Read more

How to Update APDM Student Information


Update APDM Student Information The Academic Management System (APDM) is a web-based tool that Malaysian higher education institutions use to schedule and oversee academic and non-academic events. Students’ information, academic records, course registration, test results, and many other things can all be managed in one place. It’s important to keep student information in APDM correct … Read more