eGTukar : Review and Application of Exchange Results in 2024

eGTukar is a system of teacher exchange developed by Malaysia’s Ministry of Education (KPM). This system was designed to facilitate the transfer of teachers from one state or school to another in Malaysia. Teachers can now submit their school or state changes online more quickly and efficiently.

What is eGTukar

Egtukar, a module for teacher exchange in Malaysia, allows teachers to apply to switch schools or states. The KPM manages this system, which is key in managing educational human resources. 

Teachers can transfer to another state or school based on the state’s service requirements and job vacancies. This includes transfers between divisions/states and districts and within districts.

eGTukar Application

The Egtukar application process can be done online through the MoE website

Teachers interested in switching schools or states may fill out the application form using the eGTukar System. Teachers must submit their applications before the deadline set by the MoE. This application only opens during certain sessions, such as January and June.

Requirements Of Teacher Exchange Application

  1. If the Malaysian Ministry of Education finds that the state for which the application is made does not have any vacancies, the KPM will not consider the application.
  2. Teachers cannot transfer until they receive a letter of approval for the transfer from the original education department in the state and a letter of approved placement from the education department.
  3. Once the exchange has been approved, the MoE will not review the cancellation request.
  4. The state education department, district education office, or the relevant KPM departments determine the school’s placement.

How to apply online

  • Online applications for teacher exchanges can only be made through eGtukar.
  • To avoid technical issues, ensure that the information about the teacher is updated via the eOperation Teacher Management Module and confirmed by the school administrator before submitting an exchange application.
  • All applications must be submitted on the date specified.
  • Please visit the eGTukar Portal at the link for application.


    After applying, teachers can check its status through the eGTukar system at

    Teachers can check the status of their applications online to see if they have been approved. Teachers can check their status online for the latest information on their application.

    Contact Number

    Teachers can call the Malaysian Ministry of Education at +603-8884-6456 with any questions or for help related to Egtukar. Teachers can use this number to get more information about Egtukar.

    The Egtukar System is a system that was developed by the Ministry of Education to simplify and improve the exchange of teachers in Malaysia. This ensures the welfare and educational needs of the teachers.

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