How To Apply For APB Sports Scholarship (SBS) on APDM Portal

APDM portal

APDM Portal, administered by Malaysia’s Ministry of Education (KPM), is a digital student information repository. It is a central hub for all information about Malaysian students including attendance records. 

APDM, or the Advanced Student Data Management System, is the foundation of student data management. It provides educators and administrators with valuable insight into student participation and attendance.

Eligibility Criteria

APDM is primarily a tool used by educators and administrators. However, there are no specific requirements for accessing the platform. The role of the individual within the education system determines eligibility. Teachers, administrators, and other relevant education personnel can access APDM to manage student data and perform administrative tasks.

How to create an account

The APDM Portal does not allow users to create an account in the traditional sense. Access is based on affiliations with educational institutions and administrative bodies. Teachers and administrators in the Malaysian educational system are usually granted access to APDM.

For More Details: How to Register an APDM Student Account

How to apply for a scholarship

APDM is primarily a tool for managing student data and does not facilitate the application of scholarships directly. It may, however, indirectly support scholarship initiatives, by providing valuable insight into student demographics and attendance records. If you are interested in applying for scholarships, there are other avenues that students can explore outside the APDM Portal.


While APDM does not facilitate scholarship applications directly, it is a vital tool in supporting educational initiatives and student success. APDM provides educators and administrators with comprehensive student data, enabling targeted interventions, personalized assistance, and informed decisions. This ultimately contributes to the holistic development and growth of Malaysian students.

APDM is a powerful tool that empowers educators, administrators, and policymakers to make informed decisions about student outcomes. Although scholarships are not directly administered by APDM’s platform, its role in managing student data highlights the importance of leveraging technology to improve educational opportunities and support students’ success.


The primary purpose of APDM is to serve as a centralized database for storing and managing student information, including attendance records, academic performance, and demographic details.

Access to APDM is typically granted to teachers, administrators, and relevant education personnel affiliated with educational institutions or administrative bodies within Malaysia

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